Here's a list of some of my favorite projects. They might be useful or just plain cool, so be sure to check them out 🎉

Software Projects

Remote Games

Try it with WASD + Arrow keys! It's like google's stadia mashed with the defunct service, because how else was I going to play switch games on my laptop in class?

Democratic DJ

A webapp to create the most fire 🔥 playlist for your next party


A wallet for the nano crypto currency with some of the most advanced features out there. Available on both iOS and Android and developed in flutter


It lets you use your Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons on your PC! The first of its kind and I did a lot of the RE that made it possible

Hardware Projects

World's Best iPod Classic

Packed with USB-C, 1TB of flash storage, Bluetooth 5.0 and more!

Power Modded I-Dog

It's an I-Dog! Modded to run off of the power in my car, it jams to tunes from my dashboard!

Spotify Car Thing Tesla Mount

I got tired of the terrible UX the Tesla Spotify App provides so I made a mount for Spotify's Car Thing


I have too many keyboards to count, but I have a few that I'm proud of

Tesla Model 3 Mods

Collection of mods I made for my car

Wireless Mouse Mod

My favorite gaming mouse isn't wireless, so I cut up a wireless logitech G305 and shoved it into the case + a 3D printed base

3D Printed 8L Gaming Machine

Held together with mostly hot glue and dreams, this tiny machine packs a punch

Portable N64

This video is from when I was like 15 (2014?), but yeah it's exactly what it sounds like. I don't remember what I was testing or trying to film in the clip. Sadly the N64 no longer works and I don't have the time to fix it :/